That's the question being discussed in the Exposures European project workshop taking place at HR Wallingford in Oxfordshire, 29th June 2016.

Advanced data analytics and 'Internet of Things' (IoT) are now penetrating the marine world, alongside developments in underwater drone technology and associated sensor devices. This combination is creating unprecedented potential for novel maritime information services, across a wide range of applications. However, feasibility of these information services is not just a question of technology; it also requires the necessary data infrastructure and end-user demand. Making the case for investment depends on an understanding not only of how future clients could utilize novel information services, but also the business models that could deliver services in a commercially attractive way.

This workshop will explore these questions interactively. It will present the achievements of the EXPOSURES pilot development of information services that assist management of sediment transport risk. Deployed at the SUNRISE' 'IoT' facility in Porto, Portugal, the EXPOSURES infrastructure is being used to undertake a series of live field trials to maintain navigation channel hazard maps through observation and prediction. Using low-cost drones (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) and advanced analytics to gather, fuse and share the data, the technology significantly reduces the time to provide high-value information. It also has the potential to allow many tasks to be undertaken in totally new ways. For further information on the trials visit the EXPOSURES Interest Group website.

This innovative technology has a broad range of applications which have significant socio-economic importance to the marine industry and government agencies. Attendees at the workshop will be discussing this in the context of emerging requirements by practitioners in marine surveying and asset management. An open forum will explore the kind of information services that might be attractive solutions to these requirements, and consider different ways in which customers could access these solutions. A wrap-up will highlight priorities for further development and demonstration.

The EXPOSURES Interest Group is facilitated by the project to enable potential end-users and other interested parties from the marine industry, government agencies and scientific community to contribute directly to maximizing applicability. To receive an invitation to attend the workshop you will need to join the 'Interest Group'. Membership is free and can be achieved through the following link: and please click on the green 'Join' button.

An optional tour of the Froude Hall hydraulic modeling equipment will also be available.

EXPOSURES is co-funded through the SUNRISE project by the FP7 Framework Program Research & Development of the European Commission.

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