C-Innovation (C-I) mobilizes six (6) new UHD-III remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), manufactured by FMC Technologies Schilling Robotics for current contracts. The ROV systems are mobilizing throughout 2015 for work in the Gulf of Mexico.

C-Innovation (C-I) has long been a well-known ROV operator in the subsea industry, but now with the powerful UHD-III vehicles. First awarded is a 10-year contract for multi-service support of the BP Thunder Horse PDQ in the Gulf of Mexico. UHD-III vehicles #09 and #10 will be installed on the Thunder Horse platform, with additional support from the Jack Edwards offshore supply vessel hosting UHD-III vehicle #01. These vehicles will be equipped with 150-hp ISOL-8 pumps for superior auxiliary tooling power.

Later this year, they will install UHD-III vehicle #02 onto the Kirt Chouest anchor handling supply vessel, performing construction and IRM work for Anadarko, as well as ROVs #11 and #12 to the new Island Venture construction vessel for contract towards the end of the year.

"The UHD-III ROV offers 250-hp for standard operations with 150-hp of auxiliary power, for the most effective use of power giving us capabilities to use subsea tooling never thought of on a ROV. We have invested in market-changing technology with the UHD-III ROVs," said Steven Thrasher, Technical Director for C-Innovation.

"We are delighted to supply C-Innovation with the world's most capable ROV. The fact that the UHD-III can deliver the power required to perform the most complicated tasks in the industry's shortest times was of key importance to them," stated Tyler Schilling, President for FMC Technologies Schilling Robotics.



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