These dry-mate underwater connectors and cables set a new standard for miniature waterproof connectors. Cobalt connectors offer the same reliability as larger subsea connectors, but at a fraction of the cost.

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Perfect for space-limited applications, Cobalt connectors take up significantly less volume than the industry-standard Micro-Circular connectors.  With 316 stainless steel shells and PEEK inserts, they withstand long-term use in seawater at depths up to 600 meters. In spite of their compact size, Cobalt connectors carry up to 12 amps on 3 pins, 20 amps on 4 pins, or 5 amps on 6 pins. Connector shells are keyed and feature a scoop-proof design, allowing them to be mated blind with no possibility of pin damage.

With their 10-mm thread size, Cobalt bulkhead connectors are drop-in replacements for Blue Robotics penetrators, making quick-connect and quick-disconnect possible with Blue Robotics enclosures, thrusters, lights, grippers, and other accessories. 

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