Atlantas Marine has announced the new Mission Specialist Series (MSS) of ROVs from VideoRay.

The philosophy behind the Mission Specialist Series is to develop customized ROVs, designed around the sensors, tools, depth rating, and thrust needed for the job at hand. Using proven electronics modules, and as many thrusters as you need to do the job, we can build an ROV specifically designed for your mission. Whether you need a cavitation cleaner, 3D sonar surveyor, 2 Km tunnel system, or workclass fly-out, this concept redefines what is possible for a small ROV.

As with existing VideoRay Pro 4 systems, the Mission Specialist Series ROVs will offer a wide range of the best underwater sensors and tools available on the market, including sonars, positioning systems, cavitation cleaners, manipulators, Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs), autonomous control features, and water parameter sensors.

The topside control panel follows the lightweight, portable form factor of the Pro 4. MSS ROV Systems can be controlled over the Internet or through whichever USB controller option preferred by the ROV pilot.

The depth rating for the Mission Specialist Series ROV systems is 2 km, a huge leap from the Pro 4's 300m rating. In the very near future VideoRay plans to offer systems operable to full ocean depth – over 11km. All VideoRay MSS ROVs will use high quality, durable VideoRay plug-and-play copper or fiber optic tether, and can accommodate tether configurations up to 2 km.

Atlantas Marine have enjoyed a long and successful partnership with VideoRay. Having been VideoRay’s UK dealer and authorized service centre for over 15 years, Atlantas Marine have been suppliers of all incarnations of VideoRay ROV, and are excited to be involved once again with a major product launch. As the sole UK dealer for VideoRay, Atlantas Marine are expecting a high level of demand for the MSS.

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