Aquatica Submarines and Subsea Technology Inc. (Aquatica), a leading manufacturer and operator of manned submersibles, announces that the company has signed several strategic partner agreements to accelerate sales into the North American, European and Asian markets.

Each partner agreement will enable Aquatica to promote the Stingray 500 and the operational services of the team for specific contracts in defense, research and offshore commercial applications. Aquatica’s Stingray 500, which is the first in a series of models, recently completed sea trials to 690 feet with leading classification society DNV-GL.

The sea trials were featured on Dec 7, 2016 as part of Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet “High Tech Toys Week.” Two weeks after the success of the sea trials, the company conducted a commercial expedition on artificial reefs off the coast of Vancouver for the Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia. With the Stingray 500 online and validated, each strategic partner will now be able to optimize opportunities to help increase offshore efficiencies through the use of safe, cost effective manned submersibles.

Along with the successful operational record from the fall, Aquatica has also announced several new partnerships developed to help promote international sales. Under the terms of the first agreement with MJM Offshore, an International Offshore Project Consulting and Service Supplier to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry worldwide, MJM will exclusively represent Aquatica in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, as well as in the UK and parts of Europe and the Middle East.

“When I first came across Aquatica Submarines and Subsea Technology Inc., I reached out them immediately, as I thought the company and technology had tremendous potential,” stated Mr. Mario John McCabe, MJM Proprietor and Managing Director. “My congratulations and admirations to Mr. Harvey Fleming and his team, designers, engineers, fabricators, and pilots. They have done it; the Stingray 500 surpassed all sea trials is now ready for work. This versatile, stylish and compact vehicle is built for ease of fast track dispatch, transportation and deployment for any assignment in all waters worldwide. A great achievement and well done.”

The second agreement is with Singapore based MILWAVES Technology Pte. Ltd, a sales and service provider that serves the interests of a number of companies in defense technology and underwater systems to the military and maritime agencies in South East Asia. MILWAVES will be Aquatica’s exclusive representative for the entire line of submersibles and subsea services in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei, Myanmar, Philippines and the Maldives.

“We are extremely excited to represent the complete range of Aquatica submersibles for both commercial and defense markets in SEAsia,” states Richard Lee Business Development Director MILWAVES Technology Tte. Ltd. “The commercial submarine industry is fairly new to SEAsia markets, and this will be a good challenge for us to start the ball rolling in this region. In addition, the defense industry here is active, we just have to innovate suitable products to all customers need. Looking forward to "Submerge & Surface" the market together with Aquatica and the team."

Aquatica’s third partnership agreement is formed with Oceaneos Environmental Solutions, Inc. (Oceaneos). Oceaneos is a scientific research company focused on the development of Ocean Seeding technology. Oceaneos’ proprietary technology and process is designed to rehabilitate human-impacted marine ecosystems through targeted ocean fertilization methods that increases wild fish populations. Since early 2016, Oceaneos has promoted the use of Aquatica submersibles as part of their offerings worldwide. With Oceaneos’ strong management and superb technical capabilities, the company is ideally positioned to introduce Aquatica’s products into the Fisheries Research market.

“Each of these individual companies has expertise and a strong leadership role in the regions where we seek sales representation,” said Harvey Flemming, CEO and Founder of Aquatica Submarines. “We are excited to have the level of commitment of MJM, MILWAVES and Oceaneos and look forward to helping them better serve their clients through the use of manned submersible technology.“

Aquatica currently has a new model under development and will be announcing more details on the Stingray X over the next month.

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