Abyss Aqua, a key provider of services to the Norwegian aquaculture industry, has bought a second Saab Seaeye Falcon, the world’s most successful electric underwater robotic system of its class.

They have added the deeper-rated 1000 meter version of the Falcon to their extensive fleet of underwater vehicles.

For the aquaculture industry, the Falcon is a winning concept with the power and precise control to operate around large and deep nets in high currents and carry a wide range of equipment for many different tasks.

“We decided to go for the Falcon DR, not only because of its reliability, but also its price,” says ROV manager, Hans Christian Myhre. “We already have one Falcon ROV and we are very pleased with the performance and ease of maintenance.”

He explains that the Falcon will support them in the wide range of services they provide for the Norwegian aquaculture industry.

“This includes installing, changing, inspecting and cleaning nets. Also mooring work, towing and transport, along with cleaning and disinfecting fish breeding equipment.”

The Falcon has been successfully deployed in the aquaculture sector internationally for over 12 years.

Its winning concept comes from having the power and precise control to operate around large and deep nets in high currents.

A wide range of equipment for many different tasks can be easily added and changed and the system is simple and easy to operate.

The Falcon’s success comes from having packed five powerful thrusters and an intelligent distributed control system into a small, easily manhandled 1 x 0.5 x 0.6 meter versatile system that has been proven worldwide since 2002.

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