3U Technologies, LLC announced that 3U engineering and management personnel supported Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul G. Allen and his company Vulcan Inc. during design, manufacture and commissioning of Vulcan’s new 6000 m ROV system. This state-of-the-art ROV was used to confirm and document the wreckage of the USS Indianapolis, found at 5500 m (18,000 feet) in the Philippine Sea on August 19, 2017 - 72 years after sinking.

The USS Indianapolis was lost on July 30, 1945, shortly after delivering key components for “Little Boy”, the first of two atomic weapons used in WWII, to Tinian Island. The USS Indianapolis was torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I-58 in the Philippine Sea with 1,196 US sailors and Marines aboard. Survivors were left to drift for four long days, enduring shark attacks, dehydration and sea water poisoning before 316 survivors were rescued. 3U was initially contracted by Vulcan in 2012 to investigate 6000 m ROV solutions to extend Mr. Allen’s passion for WWII Naval history, exploration and archeology to most of the world’s ocean depths.

Working under the direction of Robert Kraft, (Vulcan Director of Subsea Operations) 3U personnel sourced, specified and designed all key systems/sub-systems and managed equipment manufacturing, testing and integration from a worldwide supplier base. The result is a powerful 100 kW (130 Hp equivalent) ROV which is well outfitted for deep ocean exploration.

Key features include:

  • INS Based Automation
  • Waypoint navigation & station keeping
  • Sonar target tracking & station keeping
  • Powerful all-electric propulsion
  • 4500 VAC, 17mm diameter umbilical
  • 5 kW LED lighting system
  • Broadcast quality HDTV video cameras
  • High megapixel stills cameras
  • Scanning and multi-beam sonar systems
  • Multiple high bandwidth data channels
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • Serial Data
  • Dual Titan 4 manipulators
    • Isolated hydraulic supply
  • 18 kW tooling hydraulic system
    • Operator adjustable flow & pressure

“3U Technologies is very proud and honored to have been involved in this project, which hopefully brings some measure of closure to the 19 Indianapolis crew members remaining alive today,” stated Carl Barrett, Lead Project Manager from 3U. “At 3U we pride ourselves on our record of successful completion of new and unique technical projects and look forward to further opportunities to support Vulcan’s exciting future projects.”

“3U Technologies provided unparalleled engineering services and was instrumental in the development and acquisition of arguably one of the most technologically advanced and capable deep diving ROV systems in the world today.” commented Vulcan’s Robert Kraft.

3U Technologies provides solutions to problems Underground, Underwater and Under-ice – all related by harsh and unpredictable environments, challenging requirements and a need for creative technical solutions. 3U specializes in international business consulting, project management, and engineering services including specialization in submarine robotic systems, submarine cable systems and offshore subsea facilities, among a range of capabilities. 3U offers a broad range of engineering, project management and maintenance services providing unique, cos- effective solutions to difficult technical and management challenges.

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