The app provides users a new, more accessible way to view the news that PVI produce. From their highly popular weekly maritime reports to company announcements and news you can read them all on the go with the app.

The information provided is very important to PVI’s customers, especially to those planning transits or engaged in transits through dangerous waters. The app also makes it much easier for customers to access the information in areas where there may be limited and unreliable internet connections.

PVI realizes that certain elements may not load where there is difficulty in acquiring an internet connection. The webpage relies on various images and other resources, all of which may require large amounts of bandwidth. The app however, gets around this as it contains all of the needed resources. All it then needs to do is download the text which is transported in a format that has a very small bandwidth requirement. In short, wherever you are in the world you will still be connected with PVI.

Currently the app only works on Android devices - smartphones and tablets.

To download the app, go to and follow the link to the app. Alternatively, you can find it by searching for PVI news in the Android app store.

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