Energinet.dk must postpone the replacement of two parts totaling approximately 4.5 km of submarine cable that connects the Anholt offshore wind farm to the grid on land.

The replacement of the two parts of the cable that connects the Anholt offshore wind farm to the grid on land, does not begin as scheduled in September.

Cable supplier is still going to prepare replacement cable. There was an error in replacing the cable, which has moved the process. Therefore, we can not begin the replacement of the sea at the end of September, as we have previously announced, says Torben Glar Nielsen, technical director of Energinet.dk. As soon as Energinet.dk is ready with a new date for when the work can go ahead, it will be announced to the market on the power exchange Nord Pool Spot website.

In February, there was an error in the cable, which meant that the wind farm was out of action for four weeks, while a piece of cable was replaced. Since then, Energinet.dk, cable supplier NKT Cables and external experts studied the fault and the rest of the cable, and it has been shown that there is a risk that the same mistakes can occur in two other parts of the cable. Therefore, they must be replaced.

Read more about cable failure in February here.

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