Asia Direct Cable Consortium to Build New Asia Pacific Submarine Cable

ADC System Route Map

NEC Corporation announced that the Asia Direct Cable (ADC) Consortium is building a  high-performance submarine cable connecting China (Hong Kong SAR and  Guangdong Province), Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and  Vietnam.

The consortium has selected NEC to construct the 9,400- kilometer long ADC cable, which is expected to be completed by the  fourth quarter of 2022.

The cable will feature multiple pairs of high capacity optical fibers  and is designed to carry more than 140 Tbps of traffic, enabling high  capacity transmission of data across the East and Southeast Asian  regions. ADC's high capacity allows it to support increasingly  bandwidth-intensive applications which are driven by technological  advancements in 5G, the cloud, the Internet-of-Things and Artificial  Intelligence. This will further enhance the expansion of  communications networks in the region.

"The ADC system provides the highest cable capacity and necessary  diversity for Asia's key information hubs, which will enable carriers  and service providers to better plan their networks and services for  a sustainable development," said Chang Weiguo, one of the ADC Co- Chairs from China Telecom. 

ADC Co-Chair, Mr. Koji Ishii of SoftBank also said, "This new system  will contribute to drive the Asian ICT business growth as one of the  core infrastructures in the region and to meet the evolving  marketplace. As a leading submarine cable system vendor, NEC has  successfully provided many trans-Asia submarine cable systems, making  the company the most reliable choice for the ADC supply partner."

"As the supplier of the ADC Cable, NEC continues to support critical  infrastructure in Asia. This advanced optical fiber submarine cable  system will provide seamless connectivity to the countries it lands  in and the regions it services," said Atsushi Kuwahara, General  Manager, Submarine Network Division, NEC Corporation. "NEC is  impressed by the level of commitment from members of the ADC  Consortium, and will fully capitalize on our regional expertise to  support ADC and to ensure the successful completion of this project."


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