Voyis’ Discovery Camera to be Integrated with Deep Trekker’s REVOLUTION ROV

Voyis’ Discovery Camera to be Integrated with Deep Trekker’s REVOLUTION ROV
(Image credit: Voyis/Deep Trekker)

Two Canadian underwater technology powerhouses, Voyis and Deep Trekker, have joined forces to achieve an exceptional integration: the successful fusion of Voyis' cutting-edge Discovery camera with Deep Trekker's REVOLUTION ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle).

This landmark collaboration showcases the prowess of Canadian innovation and ingenuity, propelling the field of underwater surveys and inspections into an unprecedented era of advancement.

Deep Trekker's REVOLUTION ROV stands as a testament to Canadian engineering excellence. This robust underwater vehicle, designed to conquer the most unforgiving aquatic conditions, boasts unparalleled stability and maneuverability. With a unique rotating head facilitating optimal positioning of attachments such as imaging sonar and grabbers, the REVOLUTION ROV is poised to excel across a spectrum of tasks. Capable of descending to depths of up to 305 meters, the ROV employs six powerful thrusters for precise control in both vertical and lateral movements, even in challenging currents. This adaptable thruster configuration not only ensures stability but also fine-tuned adjustments during inspections and surveys. Its rugged construction, featuring a carbon fiber shell, anodized aluminum, stainless steel body, and sapphire lens cover, underscores its durability and reliability.

2 JCD01565 Edit(Image credit: Voyis/Deep Trekker)

Voyis' Discovery Cameras, enhanced by the Nova Mini Lights, bring a new dimension to underwater exploration. These cutting-edge cameras capture 4K video with minimal latency while simultaneously generating high-resolution still images and IMU data. The resulting assets can be processed through edge computing to produce intricate 3D models. These capabilities find applications in intelligent ROV piloting and comprehensive inspections. The cameras produce clear stills suitable for advanced machine vision and 3D modeling, complemented by real-time image enhancement, an ultra-wide field of view (130°x130°), and distortion correction for comprehensive situational awareness. Designed with compactness in mind and incorporating integrated lights, along with DDS data architecture and ROS2 support, the cameras streamline vehicle integration, particularly for autonomy-driven applications.

3 DEEP TREKKER(Image credit: Voyis/Deep Trekker)

A New Era in Underwater Exploration

The collaboration between Voyis and Deep Trekker was tested and proven successful during trials in Tobermory, Ontario. Both teams worked together to achieve this success and test the ROV capabilities for piloting and inspection, with the Discovery Camera.

By seamlessly integrating the Discovery Camera with the REVOLUTION ROV, professionals gain access to a suite of unparalleled tools for underwater surveys, inspections, and explorations. The amalgamation of the REVOLUTION ROV's ruggedness and maneuverability with the Discovery Camera's imaging precision and increased situational awareness opens new horizons for industries spanning marine research, aquaculture, defense and security, infrastructure inspection, and offshore energy asset inspection.

4 DEEP TREKKER(Image credit: Voyis/Deep Trekker)

"We are excited to achieve this successful integration with Deep Trekker's REVOLUTION ROV, representing a significant stride in Canadian technology collaboration," said Chris Gilson, CEO at Voyis. "Together, we are pushing the limits of imaging technology and creating solutions that empower professionals to navigate and explore the underwater world with unmatched clarity."

Sam Macdonald, Managing Director at Deep Trekker, echoed this sentiment: "The seamless integration of Voyis' Discovery camera with our REVOLUTION ROV signifies a new chapter in underwater exploration. This harmonious blend of leading-edge technologies will reshape how professionals navigate and inspect underwater environments."

The combined efforts of Voyis and Deep Trekker herald a new era in underwater exploration and inspection, reflecting the excellence of Canadian innovation. With the successful integration of the Discovery Camera and REVOLUTION ROV, professionals can anticipate elevated capabilities, heightened precision, and transformative insights that will redefine industries dependent on precise underwater data.


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