UTEC Launches iSite Subsea, a Virtual Collaborative Asset Management Tool Designed for the Subsea Sector

UTEC Launches iSite Subsea, a Virtual Collaborative Asset Management Tool Designed for the Subsea Sector

UTEC, a Geo-services brand in Acteon’s Data and Robotics division, has launched “iSite Subsea”, a game-changing, cloud-based platform giving users an intuitive 360° visualization of subsea assets and data.

It is developed from UTEC’s market-leading iSite collaborative virtual asset and data management platform and is specifically designed to meet the needs of the offshore renewable energy market, and oil and gas subsea asset owners. Through iSite Subsea, users can source, view, manage and report on seabed, survey and asset data using a single secure cloud-based interface, enabling interrogation and comparison of data over time, remotely, 24/7 and without specialist software knowledge. Ultimately, this helps to reduce costs, lower risk, enhance health and safety, and deliver better informed decisions.

The new platform facilitates the digital delivery, throughout the lifecycle of a subsea asset, of geophysical, geotechnical, structural integrity monitoring, inspection, and maintenance surveys, giving developers and contractors access to the data they need to plan, evaluate, execute, and solve safety, environmental and risk scenarios. The streamlined end-to-end service delivery, including data input, storage, and visualization, ensures that the latest data sets are always available to all users and eliminates the risk of double handling, incomplete data entries, multiple versions, and lost data/information.

For asset owners looking to consolidate key geo-referenced survey and inspection information, iSite Subsea is ideal because it can interface seamlessly with existing databases, resulting in additional long-term cost savings.

“Energy customers have been using iSite to drive safety and efficiency, reducing costs on their above-water assets for more than 10 years,” says Paul Smith, Managing Director, UTEC. “We are now bringing the advantages of our product to the subsea market as a dedicated tool. iSite Subsea development has been driven by our customers’ needs. It is designed to help them reduce the time and costs associated with multiple visits, lower risk and achieve significant health and safety improvements through smart data management and interrogation tools that inform decisions.”

Watch the iSite Subsea demo video.


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