Unique Group Invests in Kongsberg Discovery to Manage Surge in Customer Demand

Unique Group Invests in Kongsberg Discovery to Manage Surge in Customer Demand
Unique partnership: Chris Blake, Vice President Survey, Unique Group; Martin Wien Fjell, President, Kongsberg Discovery; Sahil Gandhi, CEO Unique Group; Che Keong Lee, Senior Sales Manager, Kongsberg Discovery. (Image credit: Kongsberg Discovery)

Unique Group, global innovators in subsea technologies and engineering, has signed a contract with Kongsberg Discovery for USD 1.7 million of advanced seabed mapping and compact acoustic positioning technology for the APAC region.

The agreement, for the delivery of cNODE Transponders, µPAP SSBL systems and the recently launched EM2042 multibeam echo sounder (MBES), allows Unique to boost its state-of-the-art subsea equipment rental pool, satisfying increasing market demand for innovations capable of unlocking the secrets of the seafloor.

Empowering success

Unique Group, an industry leader in subsea technology rental, sales and services, has an established relationship with Kongsberg Discovery, stocking a broad range of the Norwegian-headquartered company’s proven oceanographic equipment.

The latest order, confirmed at Oceanology International in London, will swell the capacity of Unique’s Singapore base, giving customers in South East Asia fresh access to the calibration free µPAP SSBL systems and the lightweight, robust and user-friendly EM2042, launched in September 2023.

As Sahil Gandhi, CEO, Unique Group, explains, the breakthrough MBES, created to deliver optimal seabed data gathering in remote, challenging environments, is exactly the kind of technology Unique’s ambitious customers require.

Quality counts

He comments: “The EM2042 multibeam systems will support the demand for both standalone rental and for installation on Unique’s Uni-Max USV for seabed mapping and hydrographic surveys. The EM2042 offers a quad-swathe high ping rate and predictive pitch for beam steering, allowing for increased productivity as higher survey speeds can be achieved without reducing data quality.

“This combination of the Kongsberg EM2042 and Uni-Max USV provides the absolutely highest quality data, with great operational functionality and efficiency for our growing customer base.”

Ocean intelligence

Spencer Collins, VP Sales, Kongsberg Discovery, adds: “The demand for high-specification underwater positioning and mapping technology reflects a burgeoning market, with a range of segments eager to enable the sustainable management, monitoring and development of the ocean space.

“With Unique’s track record of domain success, they’re often the first call for customers eager to utilize cutting edge technology, helping them achieve the highest quality data and powerful operational efficiencies. We’re delighted to support them in this mission with the latest acoustic positioning and mapping systems.”

Proven results

Kongsberg Digital’s cNODE family of transponders are market proven medium frequency units for highly accurate underwater acoustic positioning and data links, while µPAP is a small and compact acoustic positioning system for tracking ROV's, tow fish, divers and any other subsea target at ranges up to several thousand meters.

The EM2042 has made a significant market impact since launch, winning praise for its lightweight construction (60% lighter than the EM 2040), easy handling, efficiency, durability, and excellent ‘clean’ data acquisition.

For further details please see https://www.kongsberg.com/discovery/


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