Turkish USV’s Integrated with FarSounder’s Argos Forward Looking Sonar

Turkish USV’s Integrated with FarSounder’s Argos Forward Looking Sonar

FarSounder Argos 3D Forward Looking Navigation Sonars have been included in the navigation control system for two Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV) built in Türkiye.

The vessels have comprehensive automation technologies enabling them to sail autonomously. The addition of the Argos systems will help them carry out their missions safely. Promar Deniz Malzemeleri A.S., FarSounder’s dealer in Türkiye, was instrumental in securing this sale.

Argos sonars interface with the vessel navigation and control systems, providing vital information about the current state of the environment in front of the vessel and below the water line. This gives the vessel an invaluable level of situational awareness. The systems do all the data processing and provide the vehicle control system with the information needed to make intelligent navigation decisions and make real time course alterations.

“The real time, 3D information of what is under the water ahead of the vessel is valuable for any navigator. However, it is even more crucial to safe navigation for systems when no human operators are in the loop,” said FarSounder CEO, Matthew Zimmerman. “With this in mind, FarSounder developed our SDK to incorporate and integrate Argos data into a USV’s navigation system.”

The need for safety in this developing subset of the marine industry is prevalent as unmanned vessels are at risk of collision with the limitations of traditional navigation methods and technologies. Argos sonars provide the vessel the information it needs to avoid danger via machine interface giving the team confidence in the vessel safely achieving its mission.



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