Teledyne RESON HydroSweep now Supports Industry Standard Data Format RESON

Teledyne RESON A/S releases a major software update for the HydroSweep deep water multibeam echosounders. It opens the possibility for HydroSweep users to select the hydrographic data acquisition and post processing software of their choice, for maximised survey results and improved efficiency.


Teledyne RESON HydroSweep is a multibeam echosounder product series from Teledyne RESON for medium to full ocean depth applications.

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Figure 2: PDS Online View with real-time visualized HydroSweep Sidescan and Snippets data

Teledyne RESON has taken the best of two of our high performance product lines, HydroSweep and SeaBat, and combined the technologies for the benefit of our customers. The HydroSweep series now fully supports the RESON S7K data format. It enables HydroSweep users to work with a wider range of hydrographic software suites that support the industry standard RESON S7K data network telegram and the RESON S7K data file format.

6 3Teledyne3 PDS Offline WCFigure 3: Teledyne RESON HydroSweep bathymetric data in Teledyne PDS

The new HydroSweep data output does not only make the work flow more flexible and user friendly; it also enables new features. The HydroSweep now comprises bathymetric data, classical high-resolution side scan information as well as snippet amplitude information and advanced processing capabilities such as compressed water column data. All data can be acquired by hydrographic software, for visualisation and processing. Hydrographic and imaging data processing with industry standard processing tools is fully supported and allows state-of-the art data workflows and survey results.

Teledyne PDS is the first hydrographic software suite to be interfaced to the new HydroSweep S7K data output stream. Teledyne RESON is working closely with other software vendors of hydrographic software suites to interface HydroSweep S7K.

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