Teledyne Marine’s SeaRaptor AUV Completes Sea Acceptance Test

A global leader in the provision of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Teledyne Gavia, a company of Teledyne Marine, announces that after an international tender the company has completed the sale and recent sea acceptance testing of the SeaRaptor, 6,000M rated autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to an undisclosed client.

The newly delivered SeaRaptor AUV incorporates a broad range of Teledyne content including acoustic modems, ascent and descent weight releases, a black box pinger locator, sub-bottom profiler (Teledyne Benthos, Falmouth, MA), multi-beam echosounders, obstacle avoidance multi-beam sonar (Teledyne RESON, Denmark), Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), Current, Temperature, and Depth sensor (CTD) (Teledyne RD Instruments, San Diego, CA), and onboard processing software (Teledyne Caris, New Brunswick, Canada). In addition, the vehicle delivered also carried an Edgetech Side Scan Sonar with Dynamic Focus capability, an iXblue Phins 6K INS system, and a CathX Camera and strobe system.

2 in waterFinal sea acceptance testing was completed on September 29th. Technicians from Teledyne Gavia and the end user tested the system in shallow and deep water for a number of missions. The data review and vehicle performance pass all the performance criteria providing the end user with the capability of a fully rated 6,000M AUV.

“The client’s choice of SeaRaptor AUV and Teledyne Gavia’s successful completion of the delivery and acceptance test confirms our depth of experience, knowledge and capability within the AUV sector. The SeaRaptor AUV expands the Gavia AUV portfolio and Teledyne Marine’s capability for Deep Sea operations,” says Stefan Reynisson, General Manager of Teledyne Gavia ehf.

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