Sentinel Subsea Deploys First WellSentinel™ onto a Subsea Christmas Tree

Sentinel Subsea Deploys First WellSentinel™ onto a Subsea Christmas Tree
WellSentinel Clam Gathering Structure on Back Deck. (Image credit: Sentinel Subsea)

Sentinel Subsea, specialists in passive subsea integrity monitoring, proudly announces a successful installation of its WellSentinel™️ Clam to monitor a subsea Christmas tree. This operation, in collaboration with Baker Hughes, was executed on a producing asset at a depth exceeding 400m (1,300 feet) and marks a significant advancement in subsea technology.

The seamless installation of the Clam type system, a WellSentinel™ solution designed specifically for subsea Christmas trees, not only showcases the robustness and adaptability of our passive technology but also confirms the technologies application to a wide range of subsea infrastructure. Having successfully deployed our wellhead solutions, this is the first of multiple Clam systems being installed to monitor subsea Christmas trees for a major operator.

Neil Gordon, CEO of Sentinel Subsea, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Sentinel Subsea remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of subsea monitoring, enhancing environmental safety, efficiency, and risk mitigation for the global energy industry. This successful installation showcases our commitment to innovation and delivering solutions that align with the evolving needs of our clients. A heartfelt thank you to the Sentinel engineering team, our Technical Support Coordinator Márcio Barçante, and the local Baker Hughes team for their unwavering support and collaboration.”

Clients stand to gain substantial advantages from the WellSentinel™️ Clam installation. Remote WellSentinel™ systems provide reliable and continuous monitoring without the use of active subsea power, data communication or complex intervention. This simple-to-deploy solution enhances detection capabilities, providing a proactive approach to risk mitigation. Early alerts and continuous monitoring fortify operational resilience, allowing swift responses to potential issues. Overall, the deployment contributes to the de-risking of subsea operations through passive technology, ensuring a safer and more efficient environment response for clients in the energy industry.

Based in Aberdeen, Sentinel Subsea was founded in 2018 and has successfully installed WellSentinel™ passive monitoing solutions offshore for major and independent operators globally.


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