SEABER’s Micro-AUV Range to Be Showcased at Oceanology International

SEABER’s Micro-AUV Range to Be Showcased at Oceanology International
At Oceanology International, SEABER will exhibit its range of YUCO® micro-AUVs: YUCO-CARRIER®, YUCO-CTD®, YUCO-PHYSICO®, YUCO-PAM® as well as the YUCO-SCAN®.

At the occasion of the Oceanology International exhibition to be held from February 14-16 in San Diego, the specialist in miniaturized autonomous underwater vehicle SEABER will be presenting its micro-AUV* range dedicated to sub-sea exploration.

YUCO, the innovation that makes AUV technology accessible

Currently, the use of operational Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (or AUVs) remains limited in the community of maritime professionals. Their low maneuverability, complex deployment and high prices discourage their use for short-term measurements in coastal areas.

Regarding the continental shelf, we believe that the future belongs to fleets of numerous small, agile, and affordable AUVs. Indeed, smaller Micro-AUVs are perfectly suited for short-term measurements in coastal areas, as they are lightweight and easy to maneuver and deploy.

The SEABER team is pleased to share with you a bit more about YUCO, the revolutionary micro-AUV range ready to deploy and deliver data to maritime professionals.


YUCO, a micro-AUV range for scientific and commercial applications

Both in oceanographic research and the offshore industry, a low-cost platform with precise localization opens many possible applications.

SEABER is the only European company focused on micro-AUVs able to operate the full continental shelf, capable of carrying various scientific instruments.

Specifically, it provides a complementary tool to the research community in ocean observing, allowing to expand the capabilities of their vessel-based manual measurements and fixed observatories using micro-AUV.

From oceanographic research to offshore infrastructure inspection operations, YUCO Micro-AUV can answer numerous needs of scientists and industrials.3 Front page option2 YUCO Range HQ

For example, YUCO can be used for:

  • Coastal monitoring
  • Hydrographic and environmental surveys
  • Hydrology and water quality
  • Habitat monitoring
  • Search and rescue
  • Under ice research…

The YUCO micro-AUV range has all of the following advantages:

  • Compactness : Less than 10kg and 1 meter long
  • Autonomy : Up to 10 hours, speed up to 6knots
  • Performance : Depth rated at 300m
  • INX© navigation solution with +/-1% accuracy without requiring any external elements such as acoustic telemetry
  • Great payload capability
  • High robustness & optimized maintenance
  • Ease of logistics from size and weight factors
  • Capability to navigate in coastal-current condition thanks to its speed and stability
  • Affordable price : starting from 20 K$ (Payload not included)

SEABER's YUCO® micro-AUVs have met the market’s needs with great success in France and abroad. The Royal Navy is one of its customers as well as many other maritime actors in Japan, India, France, USA, Philippines and Canada. SEABER has established some major scientific partnerships with IFREMER, CNRS, the Marine Institute, the SmartBay Marine Test Site Observatory in Ireland (through JERICO program) and some universities such as Dalhousie, Milwaukee, Rutgers trust our expertise and use our YUCO micro-AUVs within their research programs.

4 YUCO SCAN 20220202 demo cyrano 3

SEABER is a French company solely dedicated to Micro-AUVs.

The company was founded by four unconventional innovators with more than 15 years in AUV design, oceanographic instrumentation, and mobile robotics. Sharing their authentic obsession for creativity, robotics, and marine technologies, they have developed YUCO, an innovative micro-AUV that aims to democratize the use of micro-AUVs for coastal ocean applications.

SEABER has chosen a pragmatic approach, very market and user oriented with a concern for performance and permanent innovation for its micro-AUVs.



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