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Allseas Selects Seatools for Deep-Sea Mining Equipment

Allseas has awarded subsea technology company Seatools the contract for the delivery of the complete electrical, hydraulic, and control system for Allseas’ deep-sea mining nodule collector. The project is part of Allseas’ development program to realize advanced deep-water equipment for the gathering of polymetallic nodules from the ocean floor in a responsible way.

Allseas Selects Seatools for Deep-Sea Mining Equipment

Global Oceans Acquires ROVs and Towed Sonar System from Oceaneering

Global Oceans, a US-based nonprofit corporation focused on mobilizing commercial sector resources for ocean science has acquired through a donation from Oceaneering International, Inc., three deep-sea exploration vehicles rated to 6000 meters of operational depth: the Magellan 725 ROV, the Ocean Discovery ROV, and the Ocean Explorer 6000 Towed Sonar System, together with a full complement of infrastructure to deploy the vehicles including winches, cranes, power systems, operational modules, workshops, and supplies. 

Global Oceans Acquires ROVs and Towed Sonar System from Oceaneering

Cyprus Subsea and Subsea Europe Services Enters Strategic Partnership

Subsea Europe Services GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) and Cyprus Subsea Consulting and Services C.S.C.S. Ltd (Nicosia, Cyprus) have entered a new strategic cooperation to share knowledge and services that will simplify the acquisition of high-quality marine data for clients across Europe.

Subsea Europe Services’ integrated Hydrographic Survey System (iHSS) combined with the rapid mobilization survey catamaran of Subsea Europe Services’ partner ProMarine is a highly mobile, all-in-one solution designed to simplify and optimise the collection of hydrographic marine data to the new IHO S-44 Exclusive Order standards. Credit: Subsea Europe Services GmbH

Rotech Subsea Clinches Additional Contract for Taiwan Offshore Wind Farm

Rotech Subsea has clinched a contract for a follow-on phase of sandwave clearance and seabed levelling work at a state-owned Taiwan offshore wind farm. The scope of works will bring the number of active jobs for the subsea excavation pioneer in the Asia region to four when it commences in March 2021.

Best of VideoRay" 2020 Photo Contest

It’s that time of year – time to submit your entries for VideoRay’s 2020 photo contest! We’re excited to see your VideoRay ROV in action.

All submitters will receive a VideoRay T-shirt and VideoRay-branded COVID-19 face mask. In addition, the grand prize winner will receive an electronic tablet, and the top five submitters will receive a VideoRay Operations jacket.

All images submitted will be displayed early next year in the “Best of VideoRay 2020” photo gallery on the website ( with full photo credits.

Here are some ideas for submissions:

  • Send a photo of you or your team with your VideoRay ROV.
  • Show where your ROV has been, such as above-water shots with the submersible in your operation environment.
  • Underwater photos taken by a diver or another VideoRay ROV system are great – the Mission Specialist ROVs can take 13MP stills.

Be creative!

Need some inspiration? Check out this story on last year’s first-place winner. The deadline for submissions is January 30, 2021.

Here are the contest submission rules:

  • You can send up to three high-resolution photos of you with your VideoRay ROV or the ROV in action. Images can be above or below water, and with or without an ROV pilot in the image.
  • Photo must include a VideoRay ROV submersible or operator/console (with a VideoRay logo clearly visible if possible).
  • Photo must be a high-resolution color image (as high-res as possible, preferably 300 dpi or higher.)
  • Include a caption that includes the photographer’s name, date the image was taken, ROV pilot’s name, and brief mission description.
  • Images cannot be retouched or "Photoshopped."
  • If submitter did not take the image, permission and credit from original photographer is required.
  • Image must be in jpg, png, tif or pdf format.
  • Photos submitted in previous VideoRay competitions will not be accepted.

Please note: By submitting entries, you are granting VideoRay the right to use the submissions at its discretion for marketing and other purposes.


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