OEG Renewables Company Hughes Subsea Secures UXO Identification and Clearance Campaign

OEG Renewables Company Hughes Subsea Secures UXO Identification and Clearance Campaign
(Image credit: Hughes Subsea)

OEG Energy Group Limited (OEG), a leading offshore solutions business, is pleased to announce that Hughes Subsea, an OEG Renewables (OEGR) business, has been awarded the contract to undertake the unexploded ordnance (UXO) identification and clearance campaign on the East Anglia THREE (EA3) wind farm being developed by ScottishPower Renewables in the Southern North Sea.

This is expected to be a 6-month project, commencing in mid-March, and continuing until early October 2024 utilizing the Glomar Wave, a DP2 66.4 m long vessel. The offshore operations will involve the identification, investigation, and disposal of confirmed UXO (cUXO) targets across an area of approximately 305 km2. Hughes Subsea will deploy its work class remotely operated vehicle (WROV) and specialist divers, and be supported by another OEGR business, GEOSIGHT, who will be providing surveying and calibration services. In addition, maritime archaeologists will be enlisted to handle historic findings, and marine mammal observers (MMOs) will support the monitoring of local wildlife, underlining our commitment to environmental stewardship.

The EA3 wind farm, located 69 km off the coast of East Anglia, will comprise an offshore substation, up to 100 wind turbine generators on monopile foundations (towering 262 m high), and 147 km of array and export cabling. This large offshore wind development project is set to generate up to 1400 MW of clean energy—enough green energy to power over one million homes.

Mike Bailey, Managing Director of Hughes Subsea, said: “We are very much looking forward to working with ScottishPower Renewables on the EA3 wind farm development. OEGR and Hughes Subsea are leaders in this highly specialist field of surveying, identifying and responsibly clearing confirmed UXOs. With a steadfast commitment to safety and environmental stewardship, and to supporting the successful deployment of offshore renewables to meet the UK’s energy transition goals.”

Matt Wooltorton, SPR Project Construction Manager for East Anglia THREE, added: “East Anglia THREE will produce enough green electricity to power more than one million homes and it’s great to be working with Hughes Subsea on these essential works, which will clear the way for the start of offshore construction later this year. Safety is our number one concern as a responsible developer, our priority is to minimize the potential impact of any unexploded ordnance on both the seabed and sealife around our windfarm while we deliver more clean energy to the grid.”


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