New Apache 3 Pro Compact Hydrographic USV for Bathymetric Survey

New Apache 3 Pro Compact Hydrographic USV for Bathymetric Survey
(Image credit: CHCNAV)

The APACHE 3 Pro is a compact hydrographic drone for autonomous bathymetric surveys. Featuring CHCNAV's GNSS RTK + Inertial Navigation sensor, the Apache 3 Pro provides high precision positioning even GNSS signal is temporarily interrupted.

2 Image(Image credit: CHCNAV)

Advanced Obstacle Avoidance

The Apache 3 Pro is equipped with a radar system that detects obstacles within a 110-degree field of view. When an obstacle is encountered, the USV automatically charts a new course around the obstacle, reducing the risk of collision during operations.

3 Image(Image credit: CHCNAV)

Lightweight and Durable

Weighing only 10 kg, the Apache 3 Pro can be easily deployed by a single operator to work in a wide range of operating conditions even with a fully integrated payload. With its lightweight carbon fiber hull, IP67 rating and semi-recessed motor, it offers exceptional durability and maneuverability, and allows speeds up to 6 m/s.

4 Image(Image credit: CHCNAV)

High Accuracy - Always

The GNSS RTK and inertial navigation sensor maintain high precision positioning even when GNSS signal is lost. This allows the Apache 3 Pro to automatically navigate under bridges and continuously provide high-precision position to stay on its course. The built-in CHCNAV D270 echosounder provides reliable depth measurement from 0.2 to 40 meters.

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