James Fisher Ocean Team Completes South China Project

James Fisher Ocean Team (JFOT) has completed its first excavation for COOEC Subsea in the South China Sea and the team is gearing up for additional projects in 2019.

JFOT was established to provide an enhanced service to clients in China by experts from global controlled flow excavation (CFE) James Fisher Subsea Excavation (JFSE) who have worked in the region since 2009 and a specialist Chinese offshore project, vessel and marine equipment provider.

The project, for COOEC Subsea in Zhujiangkou Basin, 170km southwest of Hong Kong in the South China Sea, was for post-lay trenching of 7km of subsea cable as part of the oil field’s joint development. It was delivered by JFSE’s international experts alongside local specialists, technicians and logistics support.

2 T8000Fu Wenzhi, technical manager of COOEC Subsea, said:

“We have established the trust in the technology and personnel from JFSE over the years who have once again executed the project within time and budget. Now that the equipment as well as operational and logistical support are based locally in Shenzhen, we are looking forward to further opportunities to work together."

JFOT has two excavation spreads – the Twin R2000 and T8000 - positioned permanently in China to more efficiently and effectively support clients in the country’s growing oil & gas and offshore wind sectors. The joint venture brings together the global expertise, technologies and industry knowhow of JFSE with local knowledge and delivery teams based in Shenzhen.

Sue Sun, operations director of JFOT said:

“We are delighted that COOEC Subsea are once again pleased by the results of the fleet which is being managed with a real regional focus locally for the Chinese market.”

The subsea excavation equipment services a number of sectors and applications include pipeline and cable trenching, deburial, rock dump dispersal and seabed clearance and preparations.

JFSE is the world’s leading CFE specialist. As part of the James Fisher group, it has access to bases and sister company expertise in more than 50 countries. The highly experienced management and engineering teams are responsible for the successful completion of more than 500 projects.