Enshore Subsea Announces Return of World’s Most Powerful Subsea Trencher T3200

Enshore Subsea Announces Return of World’s Most Powerful Subsea Trencher T3200
Enshore Subsea’s T3200 (Image credit: Enshore Subsea)

Enshore Subsea has announced the return of T3200—the world’s most powerful subsea trencher.

The 170 tons, 2,200 kW, T3200 is proudly under the Enshore Subsea banner again and has entered the firms Blyth workshop for a complete refurbishment and readiness campaign, in preparation for a planned series of projects.

With 3200 HP of effective trenching power T3200 offers unrivalled capability for the burial of cables and pipelines in challenging ground conditions. T3200 has a market-leading track record of high-performance burials in both Offshore Wind and Interconnectors.

The T3200, built in 2009 for Enshore Subsea’s original parent company DeepOcean, was managed and operated by the Enshore Subsea team for major global projects for 12 years after her build. Following a management buyout of Enshore Subsea in April 2021 the intention was always to bring the trencher back to her home.

Pierre Boyde, Enshore Subsea Managing Director, said: “We’re delighted to have the T3200 in the Enshore Subsea asset bank again! Our trusted team of onshore and offshore personnel are experts in operating T3200 in some of the most challenging seabed conditions and, while we have been able to use her over the last three years, it was always our plan that she became a fully owned Enshore Subsea asset where we can maximize her full potential.”

Operating in water depths from 9 m through to 500 m with products up to 1,300 mm in jetting mode, and 800 mm in cutting mode, the T3200 buries products in soil conditions up to 100 kPa in jetting mode and up to 40,000 kPa (40 MPA UCS) in cutting mode.

Pierre explained: “We are seeing a substantial growth in hard ground trenching enquiries where clients are looking for a deeper burial in harder ground, the T3200 is the perfect fit for these projects.”

As the globally trusted delivery experts in installing and protecting critical subsea infrastructure Enshore Subsea have commenced a four-month full strip down and rebuild for T3200, ready to begin operations in summer 2024.

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