CRP Subsea Awarded Helical Buoyancy Contract by Maersk Drilling

CRP Subsea has been awarded a contract by Maersk Drilling for the supply of CRP Subsea’s unique low-drag VIV suppressing Helically Grooved Drill Riser Buoyancy.

CRP“This award represents the third drilling contractor and the seventh vessel globally to adopt our industry leading helical buoyancy, designed for riser drag reduction and VIV suppression for drilling operations in high current environments, and is the perfect start for the newly acquired CRP Subsea ” said Commercial Director, John Drury.

CRP Subsea Ltd, previously Trelleborg Offshore UK Ltd, underwent a management buy-out in March 2021 and will continue to supply their well-established subsea buoyancy and bend protection solutions to offshore Oil and Gas and Renewables projects.