CCC Selects Sonardyne Ranger 2 Acoustics for DP Vessel Fleet

CCC (Underwater Engineering) S.A.L, leading providers of offshore construction and subsea services in the Middle East and India, has selected Sonardyne’s Ranger 2 acoustic positioning technology for its entire fleet of dynamically positioned (DP) diving and support vessels.

Supplied by Sonardyne Asia Pte. in Singapore, the Ranger 2 systems will be used as independent position references for each vessel’s dynamic positioning system and to track underwater targets including divers and ROVs. Four multi-purpose vessels make up CCC’s fleet, including two new 65 meter vessels rated for Class 2 operations. All are fitted with DP systems from GE, with their two 90 meter Dive Support Vessels, the CCC Pioneer and the new build Said Alethia, equipped with dual redundant Ranger 2 Pro systems, the highest specification available. This capability allows CCC to utilize their vessels on survey projects where maintaining a reliable position is a critical operational requirement.

CCC has elected to install Sonardyne’s Optimized Ranger 2 subsea acoustic positioning technology across its entire fleet of multi-purpose diving and support vessels.

For all of its Ranger 2 installations, CCC additionally specified Sonardyne’s Optimized USBL configuration. Here, Sonardyne’s premium grade Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) Lodestar is interfaced directly with the Ranger 2 acoustic transceiver allowing raw range, bearing and attitude data to be simultaneously processed. This integration achieves a tightly compensated solution and allows users to meet the positioning specifications of a wide range of subsea construction and survey projects.

Captain Derrick Green, Marine Operations Manager at CCC said, “Our vessel fleet is geared up to support all manner of complex underwater projects. Ranger 2 meets our needs in every respect, offering stable and precise positioning for DP, reliable tracking in any water depth and hardware that is easy for our crews to set up and use. We could not be happier with the results we are seeing back from the field.”

“CCC’s decision to install Ranger 2 across their entire fleet demonstrates their commitment to investing in the best available technology to support and enhance their operational capability” said Graeme Buchanan, Sales Manager for Sonardyne Asia. “Over the last few months, we’ve worked closely with CCC to install and commission the four systems and train operators on getting the best performance from their new Sonardyne technology.”

For more information on Sonardyne’s Ranger 2 USBL tracking system, click here.