Blue Ocean Marine Services Acquire Additional Iver3 AUV

Blue Ocean Marine Services (BOMS) have recently purchased an additional L3Harris Technologies Iver3 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to support their expanding survey operations in the Australian and Asian markets.

Keith Wallace, General Manager of BOMS, stated: “Based on performance and recent project successes, we have procured and now received our second Iver3 AUV to compliment the expanding range of innovative technologies we operate and the services we can provide. The addition of a second system significantly lowers project risk providing full equipment redundancy whilst increasing our efficiency in the field.  This innovative unmanned technology directly challenges traditional survey and inspection techniques, delivering highly accurate data with significant reductions in project cost, time and risk. The Iver3 AUV is robustly engineered, capable of operations to 200m depth, and is one of the smallest and lightest on the market allowing for deployments from smaller vessels or directly from the shore.”

2BlueOceanMarineBOMS Operations Manager, Andrew Mercer added ”Our systems are equipped with dual-frequency (600/1600kHz) side-scan sonar combined with an interferometric phase differencing bathymetry system (600kHz), integrated digital cameras, multi-parameter water quality sondes and extended payload sections permitting the addition of a wide range of additional sensors.  The AUVs are particularly suited for pipeline and field infrastructure inspections, but have recently proven their capability for a number of applications including cable route surveys, produced formation water discharge studies, water quality monitoring and benthic habitat assessment.  The size and practicality of the systems allows for rapid mobilization and demobilization which has opened opportunities in emergency response, and locally here in Western Australia in post-cyclonic infrastructure assessment.”

BOMS is a Joint Venture between Blue Ocean Monitoring and The Vertech Group. With a strong management team and a clear vision, the company is truly committed to drive positive change across the offshore industry by working in collaboration with clients and partners to increase efficiencies and lower costs. With a combination of unconventional thinking and decades of experience, they provide highly effective offshore survey solutions using leading-edge autonomous (unmanned) survey platforms and sensors.

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