2G Robotics Officially Releases Micro Inspection Skid

2G Robotics has officially released the Micro Inspection Skid, a new laser survey skid for Inspection Class ROVs developed in partnership with iXblue and Nortek. This all-in-one integrated skid delivers high accuracy inspection capabilities with subsea dynamic laser scanning to enable survey and inspection by low cost vehicles.

The Micro Inspection Skid is available for industry leading vehicles including the Saab Seaeye Falcon and the Seatronics VALOR. The plug-and-play design comes fully calibrated and only requires mounting and connection to the vehicles auxiliary power and communication channels. The 2G Robotics ViewLS Data Module enables users to easily combine navigation and laser data, and extract targets of interest into 3rd party point cloud analysis software.

Micro Inspection SkidThe skid includes the 2G ULS-500 Micro laser scanner, iXblue’s Rovins Nano Inertial Navigation System, Nortek’s DVL1000, and Valeport Depth Sensor to deliver high accuracy geo-referenced laser inspections. The skid is neutrally buoyant to maintain vehicle maneuverability. Simply fly the vehicle over the target to generate a 3D model in real-time.

“The release of the Micro Inspection skid is a milestone in the evolution of small, cost effective vehicles. We are excited to see what operators will be able to accomplish with this new sensor package” states Chris Gilson, Product Development Manager for 2G Robotics.

The product is now available globally for new and existing inspection class ROVs. Contact 2G Robotics to find out more.