WFS Technologies: Battery Management System Promises Subsea Revolution

WFS Technologies Ltd has developed novel, proprietary battery management system technology which enables the battery life of subsea wireless instrumentation and control systems to be extended to up to 15 years. Seatooth® Endure technology integrates this powerful battery management technology with reliable wireless data connectivity to deliver sensor, monitoring and control systems which have an extended operating life, facilitating deployment in relatively inaccessible or sealed environments.

Seatooth PipeLogger Packed System with Seatooth S100 Data Recovery Unit

The benefits of extended battery systems in subsea asset deployment include:
Remove the cost and complexity of standard 6-12 month interval battery swaps
Permanent deployment of sensors in buried or inaccessible locations.

The use of WFS Technologies Seatooth products as an alternative to hard-wired systems delivers significant cost savings in Production Optimisation, Asset Life Extension and IRM projects.

Paul Tooms, WFS Advisory Board member and former Chief Engineer at BP states “WFS battery management technology is potentially game changing for the subsea industry. It creates the possibility that sensors can be installed subsea to monitor assets for a number of years without the need for expensive ROV intervention.”