Bothell, WA – August 7, 2014 –

Teledyne BlueView, Inc. is pleased to announce that Tetra Tech, an all-inclusive worldwide surveying company, has purchased a BV5000-1350 3D mechanical scanning sonar. This system produces high resolution 3D point cloud imagery of scanned areas such as bridges, dams, ports and harbors. The BV5000 is designed to be easily setup, deployed and operated to provide a turnkey 3D solution.

‘The BV5000 compliments Tetra Tech’s current suite of survey equipment. The high resolution data and the unique perspective the deployment tripod provides will help image areas that are difficult to get to, scour/undercut and vertical structures’, says Ted Germann, Teledyne BlueView’s Chief of Sales and Marketing.

‘Tetra Tech’s investment in the BV5000 will allow us to continue to support a broad range of customers for underwater imaging, including dams, piers, levees, intakes, and seawalls. This purchase expands our existing equipment pool of rapidly deployable systems for high quality subsea images’, says Bob Feldpausch, Tetra Tech’s Marine Mapping Group Manager.

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