Oceanology International 2016, March 15-17 – Teledyne Marine will be launching a substantial number of new products within its five core technology segments: Imaging, Instruments, Interconnect, Seismic and Vehicles at Oceanology International 2016. Many of the products will be shown live at the show during dock-side and on-water demos and/or highlighted at the technology presentations, taking place at the Teledyne Marine Learning Center (booth # G100). Please visit the website for an overview of our live demo and technology presentation schedule at the show.

The Oceanscience Z-Boat / Z-boat 1800 RP Photo credit: Teledyne Marine


Bowtech Explorer-Extreme Compact Ultra-Low Light Camera. The Explorer-Extreme camera has been redesigned to be much smaller and lighter. The camera is Ultra Low Light sensitive 1 x 10-5 lux and 6,000m rated Titanium housing.

The new SeaBat T50-P multibeam echosounder from Teledyne RESON has been very well received by the market due to its clean and ultra-high resolution data, its portability and its wider swath coverage. The SeaBat T50-P Full Rate Dual Head configuration will be shown for the first time at OI 2016.

Teledyne PDS 4.1 software now features Visual Project Management and Setup. It includes an improved user interface which allows for a visual presentation of the survey track, grid models and background charts. It furthermore provides added visualization for 2D and 3D file types and a 3D Globe overview of project locations with sailed tracks.


Teledyne Benthos is upgrading its family of acoustic releases with the launch of its new UTS-9400 Universal Topside Unit, which offers user-friendly touch-screen operation, universal command capability, and advanced ambient acoustic noise analysis; and its new R2K Midwater Acoustic Release, which delivers a new advanced electronics architecture with battery voltage indication, tilt measurement in 1% increments, and more.

The Oceanscience rapidCASTTM underway profiling system provides near real time SV data to surveyors, while eliminating survey downtime and minimizing bathymetry data uncertainty. The automated profiler deliver sound velocity casts to 500 m at 8 kts speed through water while underway, without the requirement of an operator on deck.

Teledyne TSS Saturn-DVL. Showcasing the capabilities of Teledyne Marine, Saturn-DVL is TsSS' new fibre optic gyro device provides an integrated navigation solution for subsea vehicles. It can provide a wealth of navigation and inertial measurements from its durable yet compact housing. Soon to be available in 0.1°, 0.3° and 0.5° heading accuracies and with a 600kHz or 300kHz DVL, the unit will be depth rated to 4000m as standard.


Active flying leads represent new technology from Teledyne Oil & Gas that consists of functional electronics housed within a qualified atmospheric chamber that can be integrated into a pressure- balanced, oil-filled (PBOF) hose. The AFL product line will allow simpler electrical and optical network architectures, the ability to upgrade older equipment with newer technology, and accomplish greater levels of equipment compatibility within subsea data transmission networks.


Bolt eSourceTM. Teledyne Bolt has engineered a new type of seismic source designed to reduce the potential impact of seismic acquisition operations on marine life while also delivering optimal bandwidth for subsurface imaging. eSourceTM is designed to reduce the high-frequency components which are believed to have the most potential for causing disturbance to marine life while retaining the low-frequency components critical to seismic exploration.


The Oceanscience Z-Boat / Z-boat 1800 RP delivers unmatched value and convenience for hydrographic surveyors conducting shallow water inshore bathymetric surveys by removing the expense of mobilizing manned boats and the danger of placing technicians in hazardous locations. Simply launch the two-man portable Z-Boat and start surveying immediately. The Z-Boats echosounder, GPS and radio modem allow the operator to track the boat in real time from a shore laptop. The new Z-Boat 1800 RP has a ruggedized IP67 rated hull design and offers an interchangable sensor well, which allows for the easy integration of an array of surveying sensors.

Gavia MB-2250 Module Turnkey hardware/software solution for 2D/3D seabed mapping - The MB-2250 multibeam profiling module, built for the Gavia AUV by Teledyne BlueView, is derived from the company’s proven 2250 kHz MB Series sonar. The embedded SmartCoreTM processor provides both on-board storage of sonar data and UDP streaming of fully processed profiles. Use of the “Real-Time” profile data storage mode allows for extended mission profile data collection. The system provides turnkey solutions for many AUV missions, including 3D bottom mapping, high-resolution target rendering, and side scan gap-fill.

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