SOMAG AG Jena introduces the company’s latest addition to their range of Gyro Stabilization Mounts for maritime applications: the OSM 4000. With a combination of high-power engines and a hydraulic gimbal system the Gyro Mount stabilizes payloads up to 160 kg.

The two-axis gimbal offers a usable mounting space of Ø600 mm providing sufficient space for large sensor systems. In complex maritime environments ships, boats, Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) or buoys exhibit rotational movements (pitch, roll and yaw) triggered by the swell. Sensor systems mounted without stabilization on vessels or buoys are exposed to these motions, which have the potential to adversely affect the data acquisition of these units. The OSM 4000 actively balances vessel movements which drastically reduces motions of the sensor ensuring perfectly aligned images, less image smearing, a stabilized field of view for video recordings and an increased ranging accuracy for LiDARs. Sensor systems can be installed on top of the stabilization platform, but also by means of a frame below.

2 Gyro Stabilization Mount RSM 400 with PTZ camera mounted on buoyGyro Stabilization Mount RSM 400 with PTZ camera mounted on buoy

The OSM 4000 compensates roll up to ≤±13.0° and pitch up to ≤±10.0° with a residual deviation from perpendicular of only ≤0.2° rms without IMU support at sea state 4. Like all SOMAG devices, the OSM 4000 works automatically and independently due to internal gyros but can also process external IMU data, which improves the residual deviation performance for long term applications.

If you are short on space and looking for a lightweight solution, the compact RSM 400 with a net weight of 6.6 kg and a usable diameter of Ø286 mm is the product of choice. The Mount features an electromechanical gimbal system and stabilizes payloads up to 15 kg. Motions are compensated in roll and pitch up to ±15.5°. With high-quality materials, a rugged housing and a weatherproof design that makes the devices salt- and splash-water resistant, both the OSM 4000 and the RSM 400 are made to last.

3 RSM 400 with panoramic thermal cameraRSM 400 with panoramic thermal camera

Gyro Stabilization applications range from coastal surveillance and harbor safety to offshore surveys. “The customers who rely on our products use them in multiple ways. In combination with a thermal imaging camera the RSM 400 is part of a collision avoidance system on a USV, which allows automatic static or moving obstacle detection and avoidance. We also have a customer who uses the Mount on a buoy to monitor the coastline. Interesting new fields of application would be to stabilize antenna arrays or offshore lidar units,” says CTO Sebastian Schreiber.

For all gimbals SOMAG AG Jena provides a self-developed Mount Control App which allows the user to control the mount manually, to update the firmware, to perform a self-test for a quick status analysis and to run various features. The optional software features allow customers to adapt their gimbals to their operational requirements.

“Various customer enquiries have shown that there is great interest in the industry for a medium size Stabilization Mount which we are currently developing,” says Schreiber. The device will be available from QIII 2020 and officially launched at Oceanology London 2020. Come and see the SOMAG team at booth F200.

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