Echologger AA400 has been unique, and sought after by major institutes around the world who used it mainly for sediment monitoring in various underwater environments. Company has recently developed the new 6000m version which was tested and certified by KORAS through Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering (KRISO). The product was supplied to the Ocean University of China who is looking into sediment behaviors at ocean depth.

The Echologgre AA400 a very unique device that has been designed with the aim of monitoring remote underwater environments in a precise manner. This device is of use especially when cabling won’t be possible.

Furthermore, the device consumes extremely low power and with just 3 AA alkaline batteries, it can last for many months. In order to offer seamless communication with the user, it comes with a high speed wireless Bluetooth communication feature. Users do not need to open the device for downloading data or uploading settings as it can all be done by the wireless communication. The only time users need to open the cap of the device is when batteries need to be changed.

This device is packed with the smartest features and it is a fully self-contained one which has been put to right uses such as monitoring sediment movement, calculating wave heights and monitoring tides.

Dr. Doowon Choi, the CEO of Echologgre was quoted as saying, “With the new product of 6000m version, Echologger AA400 now can cover from shallow water of less than 1m to full ocean depth. We are sure that the product will continue to impress people by and large and will find its use in different researches too.”

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