Sea-Bird Scientific announces the launch of the new SBE 39plus-IM Temperature (optional Pressure) Recorder. The 39plus-IM replaces the 39-IM, first produced in 2005. The 39plus-IM has double the memory capacity and 1.5 times the battery endurance of the 39-IM, fast upload via an internal USB connector, and easy-to-use USB software

The SBE 39plus-IM is a high-accuracy, fast-sampling temperature (pressure optional) recorder with integrated Inductive Modem (IM) interface, internal batteries, and memory. The 39plus-IM is designed for long-duration deployments on moorings.

Data is recorded in memory and can be transmitted when polled through inductive modem telemetry. Measured data are output in engineering units.

Memory capacity exceeds 9.5 million samples without pressure, or 5.5 million samples with pressure. Battery endurance varies, depending on sampling scheme. Sampling every 1.5 minutes, the 39pllus-IM can be deployed for 2 years (700,000 samples).

• Moored Temperature, Pressure (optional), and time, at user-programmable 5-sec to 6-hour intervals.
• Inductive Modem (IM) interface.
• Internal memory and battery pack; internal USB interface for fast upload.
• 600 m plastic or 10,500 m titanium housing.
• Rigorous 11-point temperature calibration of each sensor.
Seasoft©V2 Windows software package (setup, data upload, and data processing).
• Next generation SBE 39-IM - faster sampling, more power and memory, same diameter housing, compatible output (39plus-IM to 39-IM comparison).
• Five-year limited warranty.

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