Global environmental monitoring experts Ocean Scientific International Ltd (OSIL) produce oil spill monitoring solutions for remote areas for both aquatic and terrestrial applications where there is a concern over the potential for exposure to hydrocarbons.

OSIL build and install systems including oil spill monitoring buoys that are capable of detecting and monitoring surface sheens, oil in water monitoring buoys that can identify and quantify crude oil and refined fuels present in the water column using submersible sensors, and land-based non-contact oil spill detection systems. These structures can detect a variety of hydrocarbon-based substances, and can be set up to ignore other materials that fluoresce in the same wavelength.

2 OSILReal time data from these monitoring systems can be transmitted via GSM, UHF radio and satellite to a base station and can be displayed online using the OSIL data to web service, or can be integrated into the clients own computer systems, providing users with a variety of alarm options including email and text alerts, audible alarms or visual indicators such as flashing lights. The systems can also be equipped with additional sensors depending on customer requirements.

3 OSILThe Oil Spill monitoring buoys and land-based systems utilize a real time non-contact hydrocarbon sensor, which is Oequipped with a pulsed UV LED beam and optical photo-detector with on-board software to enable detection of oil spills autonomously and immediately alert the users to any changes to protect vulnerable areas day and night, even under harsh weather conditions.

4 OSILThe Oil in Water buoy systems are equipped with submersible hydrocarbon sensors that can be positioned anywhere in the water column using the mooring systems themselves.

5 OSILThe systems are available for a variety of platforms, with OSIL engineers providing customers with an installation service complete with full training in the operation and maintenance of the equipment and on-going system support.

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