Okeanus Science & Technology, LLC (Okeanus), an established marine equipment and engineering service provider, announces the delivery and supply to the United States Department of Defense with a DT3100EHLWR winch to expand and enhance their maritime efforts.

Darrell Troville, director of production at Okeanus said, “This was another great opportunity for Okeanus Science and Technology to showcase the capabilities and reliability of our products to the Department of Defense.” Okeanus has long relationships with government and defense clients which has allowed them to play a significant role in the flexibility and enhancement of defense-related industries. “I know they will be extremely happy with the first-rate quality of the Okeanus winch system and we look forward to the DOD joining our defense-related clients. Our high-quality products and customer service focus are why we have long term relationships with the major companies in the defense sector,” Troville added.

Okeanus2 IMG 07252The DT3100EHLWR is a 100-horsepower winch complete with level wind and remote control and heat exchanger. This winch holds 1000 meters of Amsteel ½” diameter synthetic line and has a line speed and pull bare drum rating of 16,550 lbs at 125 fpm. This powerful winch can be a huge asset to a maritime operation, and the high quality provides a long life of service. To learn more, click here.

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