Oceanbotics has announced two new additions for the game-changing SRV-8 portable ROV. A dual Green Beam Laser Scaler which you can choose between red or green color, and fan or dot style depending on job task and an auxiliary second external HD Color Camera with the same high quality 1080p video as the main camera of the SRV-8.

With regards to the external HD camera this can be mounted in a number of places depending on use case. In this video, the customer needed to view coral which was below the ROV and have the laser scaler mounted with the external camera.

The external HD camera is viewed at the same time as the main Hcamera and records this data as well with no need to switch back and forth between the cameras to choose which view to use. This will be a feature of upcoming SubNav software release 1.2.26 – this version will support the external camera as well as Oculus sonar integration to view/record all data in your dive logs.

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