NOAA announces more than $4.5 million in grants to states and tribes to support endangered or threatened species recovery efforts. The agency is also opening a call for 2016 proposals under this program.

The NOAA Fisheries Species Recovery Grant Program’s 2015 funding supports five new projects and the continuation of 14 multi-year projects.

NOAAAtlantic sturgeon. (Credit: With permission from Peterson Lab, University of Georgia)

“All of these projects support one of NOAA Fisheries’ core missions, to conserve, recover, and protect marine resources for future generations,” said Eileen Sobeck, NOAA Fisheries administrator. “The agency values the conservation efforts of our partners and is pleased to support efforts to restore species vital to our nation’s economy, environment, and heritage.”

NOAA is funding Species Recovery Grant projects in every region of the country. Funded awards support management, research, and outreach efforts designed to bring vulnerable species to a point where Endangered Species Act protections are no longer necessary.

This year’s awards include $817,302 for the five new grants to four states (New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland, and Florida) and one federally recognized tribe (Penobscot Indian Nation). Details for each award may be found at and

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