NHC Testing has made a significant investment in a Pressure Cycle Tester to increase multiple cycle and long duration capabilities of its testing operations.

The new technology advances NHC Testing services, offering clients the ability to configure automated pressure cycles during the testing of equipment. This advancement allows precise control of parameters that are beyond the capability of manually operated systems. NHC believes the Pressure Cycle Tester will be of particular interest to clients looking to perform long-duration endurance cycle testing by reducing labour requirements and costs.

The system is electro-mechanically operated and uses a solenoid to actuate the shut-off and release valves. The skid contains a pressure transmitter of 30,000psi to monitor outlet pressure. It can run on an infinite amount of cycles and is designed to cut out in the event of a controller failure. Cycles are configured and operated using our Yokogawa and new data acquisition system allowing for complete documentation and recording.

This new function is of particular interest for companies looking to determine the functionality and durability of equipment such as valves and hydraulic rams at varied depths.

The NHC Testing team have extensive and specialised knowledge of pressure testing and are qualified to assist with the planning, organisation and completion of testing procedures.

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