New Range of On-line & Portable Water Quality Monitoring Systems from Chelsea Technologies Group

“We’ve just launched an exciting new range of on-line and portable monitoring systems which provides significant advances in monitoring key parameters within the Water Industry,” said Chelsea’s Justin Dunning. Addressing the management of both water supply and water recovery plants, we now have the following systems available:

Bacti-Station & Bacti-Wader – These systems provide real-time highly sensitive measurements for assessing bacteria levels in water. This is achieved by detecting UV Tryptophan fluorescence, which has been shown to correlate with bacterial levels. An on-line version for use by laboratory managers, process scientists and engineers is available plus with a portable in situ version for use in the field. Applications include: Faecal Indicator (FI) monitoring, assessment of bathing and shellfish waters, filter bed management, groundwater quality monitoring, plant loading assessments from river abstractions, river pollution surveillance monitoring, point source pollution surveys, farm run-off detection & tracking plus combined sewage overflow (CSO) event detection.

BOD-Station & BOD-Wader - These systems allow water process engineers to assess real-time levels of Biological Oxygen Demand in water systems either on-line or in situ. Applications include BOD loading to Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW), monitoring efficacy of separate processing tanks within WWTWs, assessment of WWTW outflow compliance and monitoring industrial effluent discharge into surface waters.

Algae-Station & Algae-Wader – These systems provide real-time display of key chlorophyll parameters either on-line or in situ. Applications include continuous monitoring in water treatment plants, taste & odour issues, early warning of bloom detection, monitoring spatial and temporal changes in algae class composition plus long-term water quality monitoring.

Oil-Station & Oil-Wader – These systems provide real-time measurements of dissolved Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons either on-line for use in a process control environment or as a portable in situ system for use in the field. They are ideal for abstraction point monitoring, hydrocarbon detection in stored waters, hydrocarbon monitoring within ports & coastal areas, pollution tracking in streams & estuaries plus road & airport run-off pollution monitoring.

Cross-Check – is a portable sensing system that allows surveyors and regulators to detect foul water contamination in surface water drains and track the source of the misconnection. This is achieved using UV fluorescence to detect either Tryptophan, which correlates with faecal contamination, and/or Optical Brighteners associated with household detergents. 

Looking at the data:

Data from the in situ portable systems is displayed on the new Hawk Handheld Display and Logging Unit. A colour touchscreen display provides real-time data for up to three parameters, together with time, location and battery duration. Data can be plotted in a graphical form to view trends. The user can program Red, Amber and Green (RAG) data thresholds and custom calibration factors to adjust the data output for their specific application.

Data from the on-line systems is displayed on the new Watchkeeper Display and Logging Unit. This compact wall mounted display unit has a colour touchscreen which also provides real-time data for up to three parameters. The wall mounted display unit includes a 2Gbyte SD Card for data logging. Data is downloaded by either the removal of the SD card or via a USB cable. The user can set alarm thresholds for occasions when readings have risen to levels of concern. On-board relays are provided for connecting to an audible alarm, or control valve.

For more information please contact Ellen Keegan, Tel: +44(0) 208 481 9019.