The SediTrans™ instrument is intended as a universal instrument for the study of suspended sediment tranport.

As a turbidimeter contains both international and U.S. standard turbidity sensors, as well as fluorescence and a visible light sensor. As a tilt current meter it calculates current direction and velocity. As a pressure sensor it measures depth and tidal level, and it estimates wave period and wave amplitude. On May 28th, 2019, Lindorm will show SediTrans at the Coastal Sediments 2019 international conference in St Petersburg, Florida.

Top LindormThe SediTrans model ST1 consists of a short cable; the electronics with sensors; and a detachable cylindrical float. By replacing the float with a sink it can also be used hanging from above, or as a ship-towed turbidity streamer with integrated depth sensor. This allows the same instrument to be used for dredging spill monitoring with varying legal requirements. It can also be used for sediment transport studies, for circulation studies, etc. The SediTrans contains the same logger, firmware, and turbidimeter section as the SediMeter SM4, and naturally they can be used together on the same RS485 network for real-time monitoring. It can also be used independently, logging up to 32k measurements in its internal memory. It comes with a USB to underwater cable, and PC software. More information here.

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