The business community has the opportunity to provide input to the survey of research priorities conducted by a European scientific consortium (EU-PolarNet) regarding Polar regions. The survey will answer the questions: How will polar changes affect business activities? How can future research assist in solving potential challenges?

As Polar Regions change (e.g. reduction of sea ice, permafrost thawing, …), new opportunities and challenges are emerging, especially in areas that previously were inaccessible for economic activities. The business community inputs are critical to identifying priorities and to improving the understanding, modelling and predicting of conditions in these areas.

By identifying the most pressing issues in the Polar Regions relevant to the industries operating in the high latitudes, this survey aims to identify the challenges and opportunities to be addressed by future research. White papers produced from this survey will provide the European Commission with recommendations on the issues needing further investigation and decision-making.

Please follow this link to participate in the survey.

More about EU-PolarNet consortium

EU-PolarNet is a Horizon2020 Coordination and Support Action. Its ambition is to connect science with society. As the world’s largest consortium of scientific expertise and infrastructure for polar research, the consortium aims to develop effective research strands and successful partnerships that will address the urgent need for knowledge about changes in the Polar Regions. Outcomes from this research will inform policy decisions that address the global imperative for a low-carbon future.

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