Building on the ISA500 platform, Impact Subsea has released a right angled version of the underwater Altimeter. The ISA500 encompasses a long range 500kHz Altimeter, with optional integrated AHRS.

To assist with Altimeter integration into underwater vehicles and other systems, a right angled version of the ISA500 has been developed. This enables underwater range measurement to be made from the side of the unit, rather than the front.

Aside from the physical change in transducer orientation, all other technical capabilities remain as per the forward looking ISA500 unit. Both ISA500 units are available in Titanium (depth rated to 4,000 meters) or Delrin® (depth rated to 1,000 meters).

Commenting on the new product variant, Ben Grant, Managing Director, stated 'The right angled version of the ISA500 provides a useful physical arrangement for various underwater applications. In producing a right angled variant, we have ensured that the weight and size of the unit have been kept as low as possible - ideal for susbea tools, towed sensors and AUV integration'.

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