EdgetechEdgeTech, the leader in underwater technology, will launch the 6205 Combined Bathymetry and simultaneous Dual-Frequency Side Scan Sonar at Ocean International.

The new product offering is the next generation of bathymetric technology for shallow water hydrography and benthic mapping. With EdgeTech's enhanced bathymetry capability and the latest lightweight packaging, the 6205 offers unprecedented resolution and precision measurement of the sea floor with co-registered, simultaneous dual-frequency side scan imagery.

Multiple frequency options are available to address all coverage requirements from 0 to 200 meters of water depth. The 6205 is the only combined bathymetry and dual-frequency side scan system with no nadir gap. The EdgeTech 6205 incorporates a 10-element receiver and unique technology and software to enable 200° swath coverage and superior multi-path rejection.

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