EdgeTech, a leader in high resolution sonar imaging systems and underwater technology, recently introduced a group of new OEM acoustic release components for customizable underwater release packages.

Extending from a long line of reliable acoustic release products, EdgeTech introduced the OEM component product line for those individuals and groups that have unique underwater release requirements that often require custom built solutions. With the ability to select individual OEM components, users can purchase the high-quality electronics, transducers and release mechanisms that can be found in the commercial-off-the-shelf EdgeTech Acoustic Release products on an OEM part basis. Using the EdgeTech OEM acoustic release components, customers can completely customize their underwater release package while maintaining the high-quality aspect of the core release functionality. Additionally, all electronics and transducers are compatible with the reliable EdgeTech surface deck boxes such as the 8011 and the PACS, ensuring complete acoustic command and control of the subsea package.

A number of individual products make up the new OEM acoustic release components product line (and more will be added soon). Some examples include the BART board, the ORCA thermal release and OEM transducers. The BART board is a single board designed to function as a complete, single channel acoustic transponder. When coupled with an EdgeTech compatible OEM transducer and an EdgeTech OEM Release Control Actuator the entire system can be acoustically controlled using a PACS or 8011 surface deck box. The solution can be used to release oceanographic moorings and bottom frames or can be used for long baseline transponder navigation. In addition to these typical applications there are a number of specialized uses for the OEM components, such as controlling the opening and closing valves in underwater systems and as emergency recovery systems.

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