BMT Scientific Marine Services (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group, the leading international design, engineering and risk management consultancy, has launched its Data Exploration and Analytics Platform for Actionable Insights (DEAP-AI), an initiative driven by over 20 years’ experience of measuring and modelling data for the global oil and gas industry.

DEAP-AI is an intelligent studio capable of processing large and small datasets using a rich set of processing libraries. The solution has been developed with support from a leading IT company, Capgemini and hosted by an industry leading cloud service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS).

BMT’s Soma Maroju, product development leader of DEAP-AI explains: “Our goal with this platform is to unify data acquisition, transmission, quality control, processing, system documentation and exploration of measured and modelled data and in turn, provide near real time access to information. Ultimately, we want to bring all the expert knowledge and data together on this platform. By doing so, we can create actionable insights, such as mooring fatigue damage accumulated over the years, met-ocean analysis, long term trends and even the system status of the monitoring systems to our clients, data analysts, service engineers and user groups with similar requirements.”

A virtual environment, DEAP-AI benefits from a powerful scalable and reliable global computing infrastructure. DEAP-AI is powered by a distributed computing engine, which can process large batches of data, as well as stream real time data. The user interface includes custom charts and screens that are fit for purpose.

Soma continues: “The platform provides customers with a full suite of exploration and analysis tools and a holistic approach to the management and analysis of data. Having taken a modular approach to the software development, it can be applied to multiple operational requirements including jacket integrity, operational met-ocean forecasts and preventative maintenance of safety critical instrumentation.”

The DEAP-AI platform is already being used by operators to monitor near real-time data from the independent remote monitoring systems, which provide critical information, particularly from offshore platforms during hurricanes.

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