The BIRNS’ team is known for developing and manufacturing a range of advanced marine products and capabilities that demonstrate high performance under pressure.

2 icecuberesBIRNS is excited to share the launching of a remarkable new precision testing capability for deep submergence connectors and cable assemblies—an extreme low temperature, extreme depth testing system. The test system successfully allows 48-hour+ continuous testing of connectors and cable assemblies at 6km in a controlled 2°C (±1°C) environment.

3 Extremecoldhydrostaticpressuretesting2The new cold hydrostatic pressure testing provides automated, programmable multiple pressure cycles with real time data recording of electrical and optical testing, along with digital output of pressure and temperature data. It was initially developed to meet customer requirements for a new BIRNS Millennium™ 6km-rated hybrid electro-optical pin configuration, the 3O-1F3.

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