How to Add Some Extra Oomph to Your Pipeline

The last year has had a number of different effects in different markets, if you’re selling coffee from a store, you’ve seen sales plummet, however, if you sell laptops and home office equipment, you’re probably having your best year yet!

For the ocean tech community, market conditions seem to be buoyant (excuse the pun). Speaking to a number of our leading clients about their current situation it would appear that the order books are strong.

A lighthouse in the dark

In the news recently, it can be seen that DLM has announced a new partnership with Dunlop as an official global distributor of the 18" Dunlop Tyre, commonly utilized by the Cable Laying Industry.

Elsewhere, Kongsberg Maritime has reached an agreement to supply Norway’s Institute of Marine Research (IMR) with four autonomous vessels and Subsea 7 recently announced the award of a sizeable contract. The scope of work includes engineering, project management and procurement.

Ok, so the order books look good for now, but how do you maintain a qualified pipeline for the coming months?

Well, there are of course a number of ways:

  • Existing contacts will play an important part.
  • Looking out for tenders.
  • Developing and creating new products

But how can an online event play in your continued qualified pipeline?  

Digital events can play just as crucial a role in keeping the books full, and even open yourself up to a global market. The team running the Oceanology International portfolio has been busy studying results from the last Oi Connect event held in December 2020, and now know how many visitors have expressed an interest in particular products/services.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what visitors were interested in:

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV): 2533

Acoustic: 2257

Bathymetric Survey: 2050

Oceanography: 1744

Remote Operated Vehicle - ROVs: 1724

Marine Survey: 1673

UXO Services: 1656

Data Acquisition/Management: 1561

Robotics: 1460

Survey Equipment: 1431

Sonar & Systems: 1419

The data has been pulled from the registration data of Oi Connect 2020 and it clearly demonstrates the potential value of the ocean tech and science visitor to those exhibitors who invested in Oi Connect last year.

A new opportunity for 2021

The Oi team have listened to feedback from all attendees and made a bunch of tweaks and structural leaps to ensure that we can deliver qualified visitors who are interested and engaged in your products. There’s no need to scour the seven seas looking for leads, you will find them at Oi Connect 2021, 11-14 May 2021.

To find out more about being part of Oi Connect this year, click here, or visit the main website here. But hurry, time is running out to drop anchor and set yourself up for success.

Written by Oi Connect Marketing Manager Mike Enser