EvoLogics Releases SiNAPS 2 Upgraded Acoustic Positioning Software

EvoLogics team is excited to announce the release of SiNAPS 2, the newly upgraded underwater acoustic positioning software.

Rebuilt from scratch, it comes with a more powerful and efficient data engine with improved positioning accuracy. The updated user interface and intuitive workflows allow for easier onboarding and system integration.

2 EvoLogics SiNAPS2.0 Preview Test 6145SiNAPS 2 is both powerful and flexible - it supports USBL, LBL, and advanced hybrid positioning methods. The software is intuitive and fast to configure even for complex scenarios and comes with built-in system calibration tools. With SiNAPS, it is possible to manage multiple databases and maintain separate data sets. Automation options and advanced data fusion strategies are available for demanding application tasks.

3 SiNAPS 2 Screen MainReal-time multiple target tracking is combined with data input from multiple sensors. SiNAPS is capable of real-time output of positioning and sensor data for custom forwarding and processing.

Its web-based user interface allows using SiNAPS on any device in the local computer network; the extensive display tools include the new option to visualize acoustic communication, as well as adding online and offline background maps.

4 SiNAPS 2 ExpandedSiNAPS 2 is fully compatible with the whole range of EvoLogics underwater acoustic modems and USBL devices that support simultaneous tracking and bidirectional communication. The software is available from EvoLogics starting February 1, 2021.

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