Introducing NBOSI-Pioneering Innovations in Maritime Robotics Sensor Technology

Introducing NBOSI-Pioneering Innovations in Maritime Robotics Sensor Technology
(Image credit: NBOSI)

NBOSI specializes in designing and manufacturing semi-custom CTD sensors tailored to meet the specific requirements of autonomous subsea and surface ocean vehicles. Operators in the defense, offshore, and ocean research sectors can now harness research-quality data on ocean temperature, salinity, density, and sound velocity to optimize vehicle performance, navigation, and acoustic payload functionality.

2 cabled cylindrical puck cell for REMUS300 2The NBOSI Cabled CT sensor consists of an internal field, four-electrode conductivity cell with an integral, pressure-protected thermistor and a high precision, self-referencing electronics board. (Image credit: NBOSI)

Advancements and Innovations

NBOSI brings a range of advancements and innovations to the maritime robotics industry. Their sensors deliver accurate and precise data, while being compact and hydrodynamically efficient, enabling seamless integration as externally attached modular cabled sensors, or directly attached using a variety of custom hull penetrators. Additionally, NBOSI's sensors feature convenient off-vehicle calibration, ensuring reliable measurements throughout the sensor's lifetime.

Addressing Challenges and Gaps

NBOSI's technology addresses existing challenges and gaps in maritime communications and operations. By providing essential oceanographic data in real-time, their sensors enable operators to optimize vehicle performance and payload capabilities. This leads to improved decision-making, enhanced situational awareness, and increased operational efficiency.

Effectiveness and Reliability

NBOSI has a proven track record of delivering high-quality sensors to researchers and vehicle manufacturers worldwide. The effectiveness and reliability of its sensors are widely recognized and trusted. Due to their reliability and performance, NBOSI sensors are deployed on underwater vehicles globally, and offered as standard equipment on leading platforms, including the Hydroid (now Huntington Ingalls Industries) REMUS family and the OceanServer (now L3Harris) IVER vehicles.

3 OceanServer Iver2 for ONR and NASA programsOceanServer Iver2 for ONR and NASA programs. (Image credit: NBOSI)

Contributing to Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability

NBOSI's sensor technology stands as a vital component in advancing the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of robotic operations in various marine applications. The sensors are designed specifically for hydrodynamic efficiency ensuring low drag to prevent any interference with vehicle movement. Seamlessly integrated into the hull, they further reduce the risk of snagging, and their robust construction allows years of reliable service.

NBOSIPortraitsDr. Ray Schmitt, Dr. Dave Fratantoni, Bob Petitt. (Image credit: NBOSI)

Track Record and Experience

NBOSI has a long history in implementing robotics solutions in the maritime sector. Founded in 2003 by Dr. Ray Schmitt, a renowned scientist from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), along with WHOI engineers Bob Petitt and Neil Brown, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of sensor technology for mobile ocean platforms. With the addition of President Dr. Dave Fratantoni, an experienced ocean scientist and engineer, NBOSI's team comprises experts with a wealth of experience in developing and operating oceanographic instrument systems and autonomous marine platforms.


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