EverClean Goes Big on Data with EverClean IQ

EverClean Goes Big on Data with EverClean IQ
(Image credit: Greensea IQ)

EverClean’s innovative “Always Clean” hull management service delivers maximum hull performance for commercial vessel owners, and Greensea IQ is thrilled to announce another major advancement in maintaining that performance with the launch of EverClean IQ.

EverClean IQ provides EverClean customers with unparalleled insights into their vessels’ condition below the waterline by harnessing data collected during the cleaning operations. Using multiple sensors and cameras the cutting-edge robot accumulates a wealth of valuable data on the ships while they are being serviced. The robots also have a system for recording brush pressure feedback, which the EverClean IQ system can cross reference with prior readings on the same area of the hull, which is confirmed by the robot’s highly accurate hull relative navigation system.

Image1 EverClean Goes Big(Image credit: Greensea IQ)

EverClean IQ not only manages the data, but it then processes it into clear and concise reports for the customers allowing users to see how their hull is changing over time by reporting on the condition of their hull in a single, easy to use interface.

3 Robot(Image credit: Greensea IQ)

EverClean IQ has set out to build the world’s most comprehensive data set on ship hull fouling, instigating a worldwide transition towards a universally embraced standard of always clean, and environmentally safe hulls. This includes establishing the framework for a digital validation process of clean hulls, enabling vessel owners to make more accurate and informed decisions about maintenance and performance.

Vessel owners and operators can join the EverClean fleet and step into an era of intelligent hull maintenance informed by EverClean IQ.


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